Today's world is inundated with the ease of access and over-abundance of information, whether it is pushed or pulled, for personal consumption or enterprise initiatives.  In theory, the more information you have the better the outcome should be.  But sometimes you do not know where to start.  ten4information's purpose and goal is to help you not only define your project's scope, but partner with you for the duration until conclusion and completion.  The engine that drives this objective is the love of information and data.

Having an undeniable passion and thirst for this makes what we do fun.  Therefore, we believe that this offers you the greatest opportunity for a high quality project with desired results.  Our first priority is you, our client.  You are the centerpiece of our focus that is built by the (1) thought process, (2) the keen focus from the exploratory phase all the way to deployment and execution where the final piece of the equation are (3) the results.

Although this may seem simple on the surface, it is our goal to minimize the potential complexities of the process for the purposes of setting a high standar of excellence while ultimately exceeding our clients expections.

Why "ten4"?

Ten-codes, officially known as ten signals, are brevity codes used to represent common phrases in voice communication, particularly by law enforcement and in Citizens Band (CB) radio transmissions.  The codes, developed in 1937 and expanded in 1974 by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO), allow brevity and standardization of message traffic.  The 10-4 code means there is an acknowledgement or affirmation of receipt of information.

At ten4information, our company name is the core of our mission as we strive to filter out the white noise and acknowledge our client's need for information in order to monetize, measure, minimize effort and impact, and optimize the opportunity for mobility.


Zachary Gatch - Founder

Having been raised by parents that spent there career in information technology, Zach grew to have an interest in both hardware and software.  Naturally, he thought that he would follow this same track and have a career in IT.  However, as Zach progressed in college at the Univerity of Florida, he found himself in the business college and starting to lean towards business, marketing, and market research while it seemed that everyone else was following the "information systems" path.

In 1997 between his Junior and Senior year, he planned to find a Summer internship.  He accepted a position as an intern at PepsiCo that would be launching Aquafina for Southern Georgia and Florida.  That's right, the new concept of bottle water in 1997.  However, a couple of days before Zach was due to report for his first day at PepsiCo, he got a call about an internship at a telephony company just South of Santa Barbara, CA.  With a call to the manager at PepsiCo explaining the situation and being granted his blessing and the words, "dont' look back", Zach was on the next flight to California for the Summer.  Zach's roll was to perform human factors and usability testing for the voicemail system for PacBell Systems.  And this is where Zach's real passion and interest for information, systems, data, processes, flow, and the like started to take form.

Upon his graduation from Florida in 1998, Zach had a desire to return to West Coast and find an opportunity in marketing/market research.  For the next few months post-college graduation, it was a full-court press looking Westward for his first career job.  Unfortunatley, nothing panned out and Zach quickly realized that the revised goal was to "just " get a job.  Fairly soon after this change in course, Zach found his way to the Mid-Atlantic to begin a sales career in the building, hardware, and home improvment industry.

Over the past 19 years, Zach has had success holding a variety of sales and sales management poitions.  Zach has worked with a very unique group of companies that have offered a great perspective at both the customer-facing side of business and the back office, from manufacturing, distribution, and retail.  The one constant through his career has been the opportunity to be in positions that always offered Zach the ability to self-start grassroot initiatives, engage in innovative projects, and develop systems and process.  This has continously offered him the to chance to deepen his interest and growing passion in information, data, metrics, reporting, and analytics.

Zach's career has not taken a conventional path for someone that founded a company that is "data" driven.  However, he always proved to management at every step that his "add-ons" to his job scope were for the betterment of his production, performance, and ultimately the company.  At the same time, there was a personal interest for Zach to learn, grow, and navigate via these opportunities to ulitmately lead him to creation of ten4information.

Keeping the client and cutomer center-focused has always been the common denominator to Zach's success.  It's only when this is kept as a priority that a successful partnership can ensue where both parties can drive towards a common goal and find success, fullfilment, and results.