Creating and deploying customized and turnkey mobile solutions for rapid deployment.

ten4information is an approved Solutions Architect partner with AppSheet.  AppSheet is a platform that offers the ability to create mobile apps based on your own data sources.

At ten4information, our focus is creating customized and turnkey mobile app solutions for rapid deployment.  We are determined to perfect the art of listening before the design process ever begins.  Our goal is to plan, develop, and deploy apps in concert with our client’s requirements and expectations. ten4info’s product is centered around the idea of market-based research techniques and philosophies in order to create optimal apps.  Although we have core competencies with certain industries, channels, and roles, we are open to exploring any opportunity presented.

If you are interested in more complex solutions, ten4information is a great way to implement AppSheet into your organization.  We offer full palette of AppSheet features, solutions, and design for business mobility, data architecture, and training.

How can ten4information support the performance and production of your business?

1.  Strategize, design, implement, and manage AppSheet solutions for your mobility needs

2.  Offer training and post-deployment support for your AppSheet apps

Some features that can be implemented in your custom mobile solution may include, but are not limited to:

We can deploy your AppSheet solutions for your desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Language:  English

Industries:  Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Services/CPG, Construction & Building, Logistics

Functions:  Field Service, Sales & CRM, Manufacturing, Retail Intelligence, Survey